I am your expert!

I am your expert!

by Doyle Ranstrom on Feb 24, 2018

An "Ex" is a has-been and a "spurt" is a drop of water under pressure, so calling oneself an expert should be done with great humility.  At the same time, with forty years of experience in the financial service industry, a CFP® designation along with a Master’s of Financial Planning from the College of Financial Planning, countless CE classes, and hundreds of clients every year for years, I believe I am qualified to have a perspective and opinion on a wide variety of Financial Planning and Money Management issues.  

Specifically, with my consulting firm, I will be providing three services:

  1. Provide information and analysis to a specific financial planning and/money management question or concern.  In addition, I wish to provide a second opinion to individuals and households regarding a strategy they have adopted but which to have reviewed with a second opinion.  If you are interested, please email through the contact page.
  2. Speak on financial planning and money management topics to interested groups at a variety of venues.  If this is of interesting, please email me through contact page.
  3. Have my website be a complimentary source of information and comments on a variety of financial planning and money management topics. 

Please click on the Education Tab for a list of general categories and underneath each category are specific articles or commentaries.  I plan to be adding on a regular basis.  If there is a specific topic you would like addressed, let me know. 

If you would like to receive notifications of future blogs or articles, please let me know.  Otherwise, please check back on a regular basis.

Also, if you have family or friends who have financial planning and/or money management questions or concerns, I hope you will refer them to my website.