Questions you should be asking.

Questions you should be asking.

by Doyle Ranstrom on Feb 22, 2018

Financial planning is not an event, but an ongoing process.  It starts with questions which can lead to answers and more important the plan or strategy going forward.  Overtime, the questions may change which can also affect the answers and the plan or strategy.  Following are some of the questions would suggest households address with their own financial advisor, often on a regular basis.    

How should I select a financial advisor?

Cash flow, am in spending more than I am bring in which will either lead to increased debt or depletion of capital or assets?

What are my living expenses?

What's net worth for retirement?

How much should I be saving for retirement?

When can I retire and how much will I need?

Will my money last throughout retirement?

What are my risks and should I insure then?

Does stock market volatility affect my investment decisions?

When do I make or lose money on an investment?

Am I an average investor?

Do I need an estate plan?

Am I being tax efficient?

What are my marginal and effective tax rates and will they change throughout retirement?