Women's US Soccer and Trump

Women's US Soccer and Trump

by Doyle Ranstrom on Aug 18, 2023

I have been l long-term passionate fan of the US Women's Soccer Team.  Ever since the 1999 US Women's Team won the World Cup in the US with the winning goal scored by Brandi Chastain, the final shot in a penalty kick shoot-out.  This was an iconic moment for US International sports and and inspiration for the US as a whole and especially young ladies throughout our country.  

For the next 20+ years, the Women's team was dominant in Women's International Soccer.  They have a total of four Women's World Cup Soccer wins and a total of four Olympic gold medals.  By comparison, the men's US soccer team last won a medal in the Olympics in 1904 when only four teams competed and all four got a medal.  The US Men's Soccer team did not qualify for the upcoming Olympics, the third Olympics in a row for which they did not qualify.  The last Olympics for which the Men's team qualified was 2008.  The Women's team not only qualified but will be a favorite.  

With all their achievements on the Soccer Field, I would suggest their biggest achievement was the lawsuit they won for equal pay.  This not only set a new standard for women's sports in the US, but throughout the world.  Many International women's soccer teams are expected to compete on the field, but are paid minimally, if at all, and often train in much worse conditions then their country's men's team.  But even so, the level of play has continually improved for women's International soccer.

The Women's Team has also been at the forefront of other social justice issues.  When many top athletes avoid or are two scared to take social justice stands, the these women led by the best players on team have continued to support social justice in the US, but throughout the world 

I was disappointed, but not surprised team did not get out of the quarterfinals.  One reason, as mentioned above, women's International competition has continually improved.  Since the US Women's team is the gold standard, they get every team's best shot.  A second reason is though this was a very good team, it was clear from the beginning they had trouble scoring.  They were outstanding on the defensive end.  They allowed only had two shots on goal for the entire tournament and gave up only one goal.  Against Sweden, they had eleven shots on goal compared to Sweden's one.  This was their story for entire tournament, no one could score on them, but they could not score either.  I suspect when the Olympics rolls around their defense, all ready outstanding will get better and they will improve offensively.  

I was also not surprised when Trump called criticized the team.  He specifically said "Many players were openly hostile to America",  This is simply not true.  And it comes from a man who was told repeatedly he lost the last Presidential election right after the election and continued to deny it.  Well the US Women's Soccer team handled their loss with obvious disappointment but also grace, Trump continues to lie about the election.  As has become clearer from various court cases, he did in fact try to end democracy in the US and overthrow the legally elected leader.  

Trump is not a self-made millionaire.  One investigation by the New York Times found that Trump inherited over $400 million from his father.  Every very member of the US Women's Soccer Team, is talented, but also worked extremely hard to compete at this elite level.  

The Women's US Soccer Team, individually and collectively are winners.  Out of 45 presidents, Trump is ranked 43rd or the very bottom.  This is according to a survey done by Siena College Research Institute of historians, political scientists and presidential scholars.  Since 1982, SCRI has ranked presidents across 20 categories.  Being 43rd out of 45 defines Trump as a loser with a capital L.  

  • Note:  If you think the survey is unfair, contact SCRI, provide them with your academic and scholarly credentials and list reasons you believe the survey is unfair.  I suspect your letter will be in the crank files.  

The US Soccer Team represented their country at an elite level on the International stage.  By comparison, Trump mismanaged the pandemic, cut taxes and increased spending [this is called borrow and spend], was impeached twice with the majority of both the House and Senate voting to impeach him, and worst of all tried to end our democracy.  

The Women's Team did not win the World Cup.  For the record, the team, Sweden, that beat them by one penalty shot in the quarterfinals, is playing in the finals.  But the team and its players are winners.  Trump is not.  His criticism of the team and some its players says nothing about the team, but does say a lot about Trump.  It is just an example of a loser being jealous and criticizing those who are not.

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