Discussion Family Finances

One of the most difficult things for couples and families to discuss is money or finances.  It was not uncommon during a meeting for me to realize the couple or family had avoided talking about important financial issues.  My role really did not change, I provided information, analysis, and suggestions regarding money issues.  What did change is the couple or family felt comfortable discussing their goals and objectives with me there, something which was not happening at home for any number of reasons.  

It for this reason that one of the services is I offer is a couple or family financial discussions.  The following are some issues that may be of interest. 

  • Pre-retirement issues including balancing various objectives.  For example, saving for retirement versus lifestyle needs or saving for others such as a child’s future education.  Other issues include when to retirement, income needs, where to live, the amount spent on travel. 
  • Post-retirement issues including balancing lifestyle objectives and expenses with income sources and cash flow.  Other issues to discuss including future residential options along with future health needs.
  • Post-secondary education is more necessary today and often more expensive.  Discussion of post-secondary education objectives with the student(s) including financing options and if a student loan is necessary, long-term financial consequences of student debt is advisable.
  • Estate planning includes how to allocate an estate and who gets what.

There more issues.  If you have an issue that is difficult to discuss with your partner or family, having a thoughtful informed financial discussion may save time, money and negative feels in the future.  Normally the fee for this service is 2-3 hours.    

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