Fee Only Billing & Client Engagement Process


I am a fee-only Planner billed hourly.  My hourly fee is $150 for all financial planning and money management services.    

Fee-only benefits clients as follows:

  • It assures the client of an unbiased opinion.  I do not manage money or sell products of any kind.  
  • As a Certified Financial Planner® and a Registered Investment Advisor, I have a fiduciary responsibility to all clients.
  • I do not receive compensation in any form from a third party.  Note the difference between a Financial Planner and Financial Advisor.
  • I provide an estimate of the maximum hourly fee in advance.  The actual fee may be less, but will not be more.  

Client Engagement Process

  • To schedule a meeting please contact me today.
  • Upon receipt of an email from you, I will set up a time to visit virtually regarding your concerns, goals, and objectives.  
  • After this conversation, assuming we agree to work together, I will send you an estimate Client Agreement Forms. Financial Planning Questionnaire and a maximum estimate of total hours.
  • Upon receipt of the above-mentioned forms, I will send you information, analysis and recommendations regarding your planning objectives after which we we will set up a virtual meeting.  In many situations, more than one virtual meeting is more effective.    
    • Though in the new normal ,in-person meetings may be a thing of the past, I may be available for in-person meetings in Big Sky/Bozeman, MT, Tucson/Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR and Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. 

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