Intro for Bio

I have spent most of my adult life in the financial service business entering it the fall of 1977 after working in the admissions in Admissions and Financial Aids office at the college I attended.  In the fall of 1984, I started what became the wealth management firm I sold at the end of 2016.  After doing some transition work in 2017 into 2018, I decided to establish a consulting company providing fee-only information, analysis and recommendations billed on an hourly basis. 


One reason I entered the financial service is after reviewing hundreds of financial aids applications in the mid-1970s, I realized many individuals and households were not doing a good job of planning for either their present or future.  For a variety of reasons, I would suggest the situation today is not better and maybe worse.


This is one reason and a primary reason for starting my consulting company.  I believe there is a substantial demand from individuals and households who simply want unbiased financial information and advice.  They do not want to buy a product nor feel pressured to do so, have their money managed or change money managers.  They simply want unbiased financial information analysis and advice. 


A second reason is in addition to professional credentials, I am a Certified Financial Planner® and have a Master’s in Financial Planning, I have over 40 years of diversified experience in the financial service industry.  This does not include the countless continuing education classes I have taken over the years.  In short, I have a unique combination and education and expertise which I bring to most any situation.


The final reason is I able to price myself reasonably.  I charge $150 an hour and provide an estimate of total cost in advance of any work.  I would suggest this important as there are not a lot of hourly planners, especially with my background, available to consumers and even less who are as reasonably priced. 


In addition, I provide educational presentations and workshops which are also reasonably priced. 


If you interested in more information, please contact me.