Presentation: Long Term Trends Which May Affect Your Financial Future or the New Normal

Presentation: Long Term Trends Which May Affect Your Financial Future or the New Normal


Long Term Trends Which May Affect Your Future or the New Normal

Most of us, for good reason, think and plan for our future.  But often do not spend much, if any time, thinking about long-term trends which may affect our future.   

I will identify seven trends that are taking place now and I believe will affect all of our futures and long-term planning including retirement.  

In alphabetical order, the trends are A-I/Automation, Demographics, Federal Income/Expenditures, Education/Student Loans, Health Care, Natural Disasters, and Social Media.  

I believe the trends are inter-related.  The ability to identify and discuss these trends will provide two benefits for attendees.  One, provide a perspective in both their short-term and long-term personal planning.   Two, their ability to participate in social discussion.

The Coronavirus pandemic has just given all of us a very hard lesson in the personal and economic costs of not including trends in our long-term planning, both personally and socially.  We had multiple warnings about the inevitability of a pandemic, which to our detriment, we ignored.  [For more information on this, please review the following commentary "The Coronavirus was inevitable, the pandemic avoidable". 

I will provide a summary of each trend including supporting data and the impact the trend may have on the future and planning considerations.  Finally, I will provide options for including the trends in your long-term planning.  

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